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I hope, this story will help you to understand what that mean with friends. I have a friend and our bond feel so strong, i think. until one day, i broke that bone because my fault.

the story start when she let her mobile hone opened. although she lock her mobile phone, i know the password which protect her phone. she never mind if that mobile phone borrowed by me. but, at the moment, she forgot to close her facebook account. so, when i borrowed her mobile phone, i plan to annoy her with write a posting in her wall facebook. after that, i made as though nothing happen.

then i go to campus and had online in my facebook. she tagged me on her timeline, tell everyone who comment in her wall post what i wrote that the posting is because of me. i think, if she know that posting is not because of her, just completely remove. But she not do that. i though it just a little joke and will be alright soon.

But, when i come home, she angry to me because that. i suggest if she won't many people got the wrong to her, just clean that posting. she do not seem to listen and let that posting.

she said that won't to borrow her phone again to me or to other people.  she said that is the second time her private social media plowed by other. and before with my case, she already in bad mood because other people too.

i do not know about it before. she not tell everything again to me when we not being roommate again. so i do not understand again what she feel.

i think, she won't to see my face again. i apologize with all i do. but, i do not know, that she forgive me or not..

i am so sorry...
i did not mean to do that bad thing and made our bond broken..
it is hard to make it back..
i am so sorry...

so that, you should not make your friend upset. because, when she can not to forgive you, you already lost one more of your friend..

forgive me my friend..

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